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Anatomy Labs Anatomy Videos for the Muscle Lab 
Joints video Anatomy Helps with the Joints Lab - identifying different types of joints 
Language of Anatomy Anatomy Review the anatomy terms used in sports medicine 
Movements Anatomy Covers most of the movements from the Language of Anatomy list 
Movements explained Anatomy Some of the motions are different than what we learned; dorsiflexion & plantar flexion 
Muscle Atlas Anatomy Choose Lower Extremity (legs) or Upper Extremity (arms), then choose any muscle to see it's location, action & more info. 
Skeleton tutorials Anatomy Identify the major bones 
Synovial joint types Anatomy Watch a 5min. video on all six synovial joints 
Ankle dislocation Ankle Allen Hurns dislocated ankle 
Lower leg breaks Ankle Two lower leg fractures 
Special tests for the Ankle Ankle Anterior drawer & talar tilt tests 
Above the Influence Drugs Video & web anti-drug ads.  
Natural High Drugs The movement that encourages youth to follow their passions & talents.  
Scripts Drugs Samples of movie scripts 
What You Don't Know Drugs Archived version of the article about supplements. 
CDC Concussion data Head Find statistics and facts on concussion 
CDC Head's Up Head Concussion statistics and information 
Neuroscience games Head Test your memory with these games for your brain. 
Outside the Lines - Jim McMahon Head Interview with one of the greatest quarterbacks from the 80's. 
Second Impact Syndrome Head Story of a high school student who suffered a 2nd concussion before 1st concussion symptoms resolved. 
Should helmets be banned from football? Head Op ed article that entertains the idea that perhaps a return to no helmets would change the playing style to reduce head injuries.  
Soccer's Concussion Crisis Head Is heading the ball dangerous? 
Stop light test Head Test your reaction time 
USA Today article Head Story about a concussion report providing facts for parents. 
American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine Injuries Explore the library of images and articles. 
Jobs in Sports Science Injuries From soccer teams to the balance beam, scientists help athletes perform their best 
Medline Plus Injuries Look up information on any medical condition or injury. 
Virtual Sports Injury Clinic Injuries A virtual encyclopedia of sports injuries. 
Dislocated patella Knee Dislocation of patella 
Knee Anatomy video Knee Explains all the parts of the knee.  
Heads Up Neck Risks of improper tackling 
Sports Science Spearing Neck Impact of spearing 
Carbohydrate loading Nutrition articles How to glycogen load; sample meal plan  
Eat Right Sports Nutrition articles Articles on finding proper sports nutrition 
Gatorade Sports Science Institute Nutrition articles Click on Publications to read articles. 
Nutrition and Athlete Performance Nutrition articles Scroll down & read the Key Points section 
True Sport Nutrition Guide Nutrition articles Gives some specific numbers & ways to create your plan 
BMI Nutrition tools Use the Adult or Child & Teen calculator 
Calorie calculator (ExRx) Nutrition tools Use the calorie calculator here to get an accurate TDEE. Nutrition tools Health and nutrition information. 
Nutrient Database Nutrition tools The original database for - has even more foods you can search. 
Nutrition Data Nutrition tools Look up the nutritional facts for any food.  
ATC programs Research Find universities that have accredited Athletic Training Programs 
Evaluating Sources Research Tips on how to tell if a website has 'good' information. Read all 4 sections on how to evaluate a resource. 
MLA format guide Research Tool to help cite sources using MLA format.  
Dwayne Wade dislocation Shoulder Dwayne pushes off and suffers a minor glenohumeral dislocation.  
Glenohumeral dislocation basketball Shoulder Look for the drop below the acromion 
Shoulder reduction, 7min. Shoulder Guy dislocated his shoulder and needs reduction. WARNING: contains images of needle injection.  
Shoulder reduction (Spanish) Shoulder Watch how external rotation and other movements are used to reduce a glenohumeral dislocation.  
Ankle Taping Fast, without figure 8's  
Ankle Basket Weave Taping Complete ankle tape job 
Arch Taping Full arch tape job 
Spica Taping Ankle spica (elastic bandage) 
Teardrop Taping Good demo of teardrops (part of the arch tape job) 
Wrist Taping Full wrist hyperextension tape job 
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